I clocked in today. In chapter 10, I combined the best of the selection tools. Took my 10 minute break. I was introduced with the Quick Mask mode tool. I learned the fastest way to save a selection…

I made a new channel with this image…Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 9.42.42 AM.png

I painted some adjustments with the Brush tool…

I also added a new channel called “manual adjustments”…Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.03.43 AM.png

I added motion blur with the Smudge tool…

I again added another channel called “Motion Blur Wing”…Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.14.02 AM.png

I reversed a mask with Invert…

I moved the hummingbird to the lone tree image…Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.28.01 AM.png

I applied a special-effects filter…

I made my hummingbird a stained glass filter…Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.38.58 AM.png

Finish my blog post today.



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